Milestay, concept de location d'appartement hotel haut de gamme

Milestay, more than a concept, it's a philosophy. "Feel like home, away from home".

Milestay is born with the idea of offering its clients a new way of traveling. Who didn't dream to feel, during his holidays, the cosy atmosphere of his own apartment, with luxury hotel services and the best tips and addresses of a local hyper-connected friend?
It's the whole purpose of Milestay.

Milestay offers a wide range of well designed apartments, all located in the heart of Paris. All of them are unique and offer to its clients the local atmosphere they are looking for. A loft in the "hipster" district, a luxury suite near the Louvre, a penthouse with a terrasse near Place de La Concorde, Milestay find the apartment tha tperfectly fits you, while keeping the best standards you expect: comfort, tehnology and design. Trendy but not hispter, connected but not geek, Milestay is born for this new generation of travellers, looking for the good tip, the little hidden treasure that we only whisper to those we love.

Milestay will extend its offer to many European cities at the end of 2017.

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